Downsizing Your Home

Points to Consider When Thinking of Downsizing

Have you explored various senior living options?

More than ever, seniors have choices when considering their housing options.  Whether you stay in your current home, move to a supportive living environment or an assisted living community, making a smart decision for your future can be overwhelming.

Are you including your family in your future housing discussions?

Many seniors choose to include their family in their decisions for their future.  You can be assured that Shannon will happily engage your family in the process, if you desire, in order to help alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with the transition to senior living.

Does staying where you are, in your own familiar surroundings and neighborhood, appeal to you most?  Is independent living what you most desire?

Shannon has been a certified Occupational Therapist for over 25 years, and she can share her expertise to help develop a home modification plan, to keep it safe and accessible if staying home is what you really want.
Many seniors choose to live independently, and sometimes it's just a smaller home or condo that makes that possible.  With Shannon's 19+ years of experience as a licensed Real Estate Broker, she can help you find a home that will maximize your independence.

Have you searched for advice with a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) who is well-informed on all types of senior living arrangements?

Shannon is also a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, a licensed Real Estate Broker who is trained to have the resources and knowledge to handle the financial and emotional challenges their senior clients face when selling their home or exploring other housing options.

Does your Real Estate Broker have trusted relationships with other senior advisors?

Shannon regularly collaborates with a team of local experts in the fields of senior housing, elder law, and estate planning issues, in order to help her clients navigate a successful transition into comfortable senior living.